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CRISIS - Situation with a high level of uncertainty that disrupts the core activities and / or credibility of a business requiring urgent attention

Examples of why Business Continuity (BC) or Disaster Recovery (DR) fail?

  • Limited investment or corporate ownership, accountability or responsibility in all aspects of business continuity 
  • Limited risk analysis of business risk or critical services, lack of focus on the right things and/or future vision business objectives
  • Limited stakeholder, supplier, supply chain or outsource services engagement and validation
  • Unrealistic expectations, limited incident or event experience and knee jerk response to events or incidents
  • Unclear BC programme management, key roles, responsibilities, ownership, accountability or maintenance mechanisms
  • Filling in forms without appropriate training or understanding of BC
  • Limited business continuity planning, plans, training, exercising or validation
  • Limited communication strategies within an organisation and/or external business partners
  • Limited assurance, review or feedback mechanisms to senior management or critical services leads
  •  Chasing the wrong rabbit………..

What key activities should be in a BC or DR plan?

All aspects of the MDWin Consultancy RESILIENCE jigsaw:

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