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Free Health Check Consultation or Tactical Decision eXercise (TDX) contact for more details.

MDWin Consultancy delivers bespoke packages from Risk Analysis to an Organisational Assurance statement based on customer needs and requirements: 

  • All aspects of Business Continuity
  • Tactical Decision eXercises (TDX) – realistic ‘live’ or ‘desktop’ Crisis Management exercises.
  • Initial Temperature checks 
  • Policy and Programme Management 
  • Business Impact Analysis 
  • Design and Planning options 
  • Embedding  
  • Implementation through to Emergency Preparedness Validation and Organisational Audit Assurance Review and Validation.
  • Crisis Management, Event Management, Emergency Preparedness and Multi Agency Consultation    
  • Training and Exercising
  • Cyber and IT Threats Consultation
  • Fire Safety Compliance
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • NHS Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response framework (EPRR) Compliance
  • Investigative Services – Accident, Fire, Grievance and Discipline

'Being resilient is not an end game, it's a journey'

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'Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge' - Winston Churchill